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When writing your admission essay or personal statement, adopt a writing style that allows for use of sentence variety. However, make sure you do not overdo it, or it will only make your essay seem out of focus. Simplifying your essay is much more important than trying to appear intelligent. Thus, the use of complicated sentences in your essay is not always advisable.

Purpose of using admission essay help

Although sentence variety is recommended, remember that simplicity is still better than having so many complicated words in one sentence. Do not ever copy the writing style of the inexperienced writers who use longer and more complex sentences, thinking that doing so would manifest their level of intelligence. Veteran writers, on the other hand, know that your essay becomes more powerful and persuasive when the message is directly conveyed and concisely written.

Impact of sentence variety on your college essay

What is the impact of having sentence variety in your college essay? It makes your essay more interesting to read, free-flowing, and coherent. It breaks away from monotony or elementary style of writing. Just remember that in having sentence variety, simplicity of sentences and choice of words should never be ignored. Make sure that the sentences are easy to understand and still convey the right message.

Tips in adding sentence variety to your essay

When getting admission essay help, never start your introductory paragraph with sentences that are long and are more complicated than necessary. This is because ideas do not automatically put themselves together in our minds, neither will they present themselves to your reader as an essay having clear and direct structure. Your personal statement will be considered an excellently written essay if the ideas are all tied up and very well presented in a cohesive manner.

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Even if the academic program you are applying for is not a language course, admissions officers who are tasked to read your essay would hate it if your personal statement is riddled with subject-verb agreement errors and so many misplaced punctuations. Beware of this trap.

Reasons Why Schools Require Personal Statements A personal statement is also called the college essay. Just like any other essay, it should include your thoughts, beliefs and your opinion of a given topic. What makes a personal statement different from the rest is that it mainly talks about you. A personal statement should be written in

Using subheadings when writing your personal statement for school admission can be an advantage if you really want to earn the coveted slot in your chosen school or university. Although they have their own pros and cons, you can use admission essay help to present facts about yourself or highlight main ideas in your admission